Hi, my name is Allison and I bake gluten free. 

I have been baking gluten-free since we found out that my kids were allergic to gluten seven years ago.  I always try to make sure that my kids have something sweet and yummy to eat at Birthday parties, Christmas parties, Thanksgiving and all celebrations in between.  What started out as a way to make sure they have something good to eat became a passion.  It is exciting to bake a gluten-free dessert, serve it to my friends and family and hear, “Is this really gluten-free?!”

After a few years of baking and sharing, I started baking for others.  I have been known to whip up some pies at Christmas for friends and can’t wait to bake gluten-free Italian Pizzelle’s (a tradition in my family).  My gluten free cookies have found their way into the hands of others and I find delight when they are enjoyed.

I know people in my community who are looking for gluten-free baked goods and pies, but they are hard to come by, so let me bake for you!  I plan to offer a seasonal menu with a few staples.  If you would like order something, just send me a note and I will get started!  I can’t wait to hear from you!  I bake in my home, which is exclusively gluten-free.  All of my bake-ware and utensils have been gluten-free for over 7 years.  No gluten in this house!


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  1. I’m so Excited! Can’t wait to see more of your recipes! Especially your keto favorites!

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